Trees in forest area in North Wales

About us

Our Organisation

Woodland being managed

We are a Community Interest Company which is a not-for-profit organisation working for the benefit of communities.

We generate our own income but also benefit from grant funding and accept donations to help us in our work.

Our Skills and Experience

We have wide-ranging qualifications and experience in environmental sciences, health education, business and construction management, health and safety and environmental auditing and have considerable experience of working in the private, voluntary and third sectors.

This gives us a unique perspective for developing and delivering projects and we aim to work in a way that balances the best interests of the environment with the needs of the community.

Our Motivation

Like most people we are horrified by the evidence of climate change all around us and by images of forest fires and floods and the impact that it is having on all of us and wanted to use these skills to make a difference and protect our environment.

Our Aims

Planting new woodland

To achieve these, we will

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